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D|ALOGUES: Ludwig | Metzger


Günter Ludwig

1950: Born in Rosenthal, Peine – Germany.
1963: First drawings, after Goya and Rembrandt.
1967: First oil paintings.
19735: Abitur (German equivalent of the Baccalaureate), in Mechanical Engineering.
19759: Studies in Industrial Design.
1977: First exposition (oil paintings & drawings) at Naescher Gallery, Goslar.
1978: First engraving.
– Exposition of engravings at Château de Zeist, Uetrecht.
– Drawings and engravings exhibited at the Lilo Schmidt Gallery, Schneverdingen.
– Drawings exhibited at Kühl Gallery, Hanover.
197984: Independent painter & graphic artist.
– Engraving creation.
– Exhibition at Jochen Weise Gallery (Hanover) with the professors of HBK Braunschweig.
– Regional exhibition of drawings at BBK-Niedersachsen, Hanover.
1980: Drawings of Hanoverian artists exhibited in Olztyn, Poland.
– Exhibitions of drawings at the Blankenese Gallery, Hamburg.
1982: Final oil paintings.
– Exhibition of engravings at the Münsterland Museum, Burg Vischering, Lüdingshausen.
1983: Final engraving.
– Obtainment of a 9 month scholarship in the Worpswede workshop: drawings and graphic prints.
1984: Exhibition at the municipal Gallery of Lüdenscheid, as part of Mark Brandenbourg’s “Graphic Drawings and Prints” competition.
– Exhibition of drawings in Hannover (Kubus).
– Intergrafik ’84 exhibition of engravings, East Berlin.
19847: Design and industrial photography.
1985: Photographic works: Series “Angie”; Landscapes.
1986: Exhibition of photographic works in Hannover.
Exhibition of photographic works at The Company Gallery, Hamburg.
1987: Founding of PAN-Design advertising agency.
1988: Drawings (Karezza, Animal Confrontation with a Woman, Passions).
– Exhibition of photographic works at the Hannover Art Association.
Since 1989: Design for advertising and advertising photographic work.
1992: Exhibition of photographic works at the Zörnig + Mock Gallery, Hanover.
1992: Completion of 105 large-format drawings of the theme “Men-adrenaline”.
1992: Exhibition of photographic works in Bordenau, Neustadt.
1993: Light objects (luminous totems).
1994: Inclusion in 100 international photographers from Vienna, Salzburg, Berlin.
– Publication of the book Der molussische Torso-zu einem topographischen Fotoobjekt by PALME-RICHTEX, ExPresse publishers, Vienna.
– Exhibition of drawings and photographs at the Neue Zeiten Gallery, Bredenbeck.
Since 1996: Exhibition of digital photography in the Barsinghausen Day of Culture.
– Writing in collaboration with author Roland Schreyer, of the book Im Windflug Worte – 200 digital illustrations and poems.
Since 1997: Work in collaboration with designer Germund Mielke, interactive CD-Rom projects by Germund Mielke on the artist Günter Ludwig.
– Exhibitions of drawings in the Friedenskirche Church, Hanover.

1997: CD-Rom project: Digital Photographs and Illustrations, with texts by author Roland Schreyer.
– Co-production of 3 Digital Films with illustrations, photographs and layout by Günter Ludwig, for “Im Windflug Worte”.
– Creation of a poster for an open-air performance, Deister.
Spring opening of the traveling exhibition “Verdichtete Sprachbilder” (through several European cities): Digital photographs.
– Barsinghausen: “Verwerfungen oder nun loose wieder Sophie”, by Roland Schreyer. Representation in 1998.
1998: Creation of a digital film about the artist Andreas Rimkus (sculptures).
– Creation of Tropfe, a digital film inspired by a poem by Roland Schreyer.

Exhibition of digital photographs at Hannover Münden City Hall.
– Creation of the digital film: “der chinesische Hochzeitschrank”
– Book illustrations: Welt Licht Märchen (collected by and with commentary by Dr. Alfred Schröcker, published by Paulmann Licht GmbH, Springe).
– Exposition on the theme Welt Licht Märchen, illustrations and variations – Springe, Paul Lichtmann GmbH.
1999: Creation of the digital film “Totengespräch zwischen Sethos und Ramses”
– Photographic work on the series: KAFKA GEORGE.
– Second exhibition: “Welt Licht Märchen”, Wunstorf Abbey.
– Second CD-Rom project: “Bild & Show”, by G. Ludwig. Digital photographs.

2000: Matthias Schönfeld devotes a virtual museum to G.Ludwig on the website:
– Organized by REGIOBUS Hannover, participation in an exhibition in the main hall of the Hannover City Association: Digital photography.
– In autumn, participation in a traveling exhibition in western Germany.
– Web design of the Andreas Rimkus website, by G. Ludwig:
– Participation in the reopening of Galerie Christof Bechauf, Bielefeld, with Rainer Krause.

2001: Digital printmaking on the theme: Im Windflug Worte nach Gedichten, after poems by Roland Schreyer.
– Exhibition at the Musée du Donjon, Niort (Günter Ludwig & Andreas Rimkus)
– “TOUCHER”, paintings by Günter Ludwig – Galerie im Bahnhof, Springe.
2002: Planning of Barsinghausen Days of Culture with Jochen Heilmann (Semperoper Dresden): performances of pictures, music & readings on the subject of Fairy Tales.
– A series developed from the theme, 100 Masks.
– Development of new drawings: physical landscapes, Drawings and Digital Prints – Crucifixions, Kafka-Gregor, The Transfiguration, Kings (Setos, Ramses, Nefertari), Fairy Tales.

2003: The Cargo-Verlag, Braunschweig, composing a book of tales and photos about the Bushmen, with Günter Ludwig.
2004: The colours of your energies. Wild Poppy, Red Poppy: Naturally inspired pastel drawings of the poppy flower, assigned to the texts of Villon, Löns and more.
– Commemoration of Kinski and his recitation of “Wild Strawberry Mouth” to Villon.
– First drawings developed for the stories of the Bushmen. – pigment printing (new printing and reproduction techniques developed)

2005: Ateliergemeinschaft with sculptor and draftsman Hannes Meinhard.
– Project work with Dr. Owi Nandi, Sarah Ines and Xenia Evangelista.
– Internet project: Creation of the book “Farewell”, with 117 authors and focusing on drawings from the last 20 years.
2006: Erotische Zeichnungen (Erotic Drawings) – drawings on landscapes.
– Studio relocated into the Barsinghausen coal tower
– Painting and drawings of the theme “Kohlespuren” (on the trail of the miners)
– Large-format works “Traces”, modification of the Kohlespuren to Spuren.

2008: LUDWIG | METZGER Collaboration – Phase I
2009: Schafstall Bad, Essen
– Development of the book Liebe geht durch die Haut (Love Goes Through the Skin) with Sarah Ines.
– Storia Verlag München. First event on the theme of Eroticism in Munich, with Sarah Ines and Andrea Schroeder.
2010: Second event on the theme of Eroticism in Munich, with Sarah Ines and Andrea Schroeder.
2011: Italy (Quercdeto)
Galerie EigenArt, Karlsruhe.
2013: Marmite Barsinghausen (Kunstverein Barsinghausen)
Gallerist Jay Whitney Brown (Los Angeles) represents Günter Ludwig in the USA.
Collaboration with Norbert Guthier, Frankfurt. Exhibition in Frankfurt.
2019: LUDWIG | METZGER Collaboration – Phase II


Hollace M. Metzger

1975: Born in Cleveland, Ohio – USA.
19904: Studied technical/engineering drafting, photography and painting.
1994: Solo exhibition (painting, photography & sculpture) at Fairmount Center for the Arts, Ohio.
19949: University of Kentucky, College of Architecture – Magna Cum Laude; Student Council & AIAS representative; 1999 Class President.
1995: Intern Architect & Draftsperson at Robinson Architects – Chagrin Falls, OH.
1996: Studied Advanced Physics at John Carroll University – Cleveland Heights, OH.
– Intern Architect at Weber Architecture – Cleveland, OH.
19968: Lived and studied architecture in Venice, Italy.
– First documented poetry written, supplementary to building sketches along the Canale Grande.
1997: Plymale-Zolandak Travel Fellowship recipient; UK International Affairs Scholarship recipient.
– Instructor for a precollegiate preparatory drawing & model-making workshop for incoming college freshmen – College of Architecture, University of Kentucky.
1998: Student design project for a secondary school & breakwall system erected between Mestre and Venice, published in Il Gazzettino – Venice, Italy.
– Studied graduate-level 16/17th-Century Literature.
19982000: Assistant Instructor of Environmental Controls I & II / Passive-Active Thermal Building Systems Control, The University of Kentucky.
1999: Thesis dissertation: “Kin-Aesthetic Fourth Dimension” – Lexington, KY.
– Induction into Tau Sigma Delta (ΤΣΔ) Honor Society of Architecture & Allied Arts.
2000: Relocated to New York City.
20001: Junior Architect, Hardy, Holzman, Pfeiffer Architects – New York.
20012: Project Manager, Robert A. M. Stern Architects – New York.
20023: Project Manager, Juan Pablo Molyneaux Studio – New York & Beverly Hills.
2002, 20034: Project Architect & Designer, MD&S Architects / Studio JS2 – New York.
20047: Project Architect, George Ranalli Architect / HOK Architects – New York.
2007: Project Manager, Rafael Viñoly Architects – New York.
– Establishment of MiDEA: Metzger interiors, Design, Environments & Architecture – New York.
– Publication of Observing the Labyrinth from Heaven, the 1st Book of Poetry by H.M. Metzger.
– Interview & works featured in Magazine BLU (Philadelphia).
autumn: Relocated to Montmartre, Paris, France.
winter: Sold first European abstract painting in Montmartre, Paris.
– Relocated to Paris, France.
2008: LUDWIG | METZGER Collaboration – Phase I.
– Re-publication of Observing the Labyrinth from Heaven.
– Painting COMMISSION #1 (for Paris, France).
– Exposition: “A Summer Spoken For” (New Jersey) – large-scale prints, poetry.
– Painting COMMISSION #2 (for Austin, TX).
20089: Artist-in-Residence – Paris, France.
2009: METZGER interviews LUDWIG [intro.: page 1, page 2, page 3].
– Publication of Transcriptions of Time: The Collected Works, the 2nd Book of Poetry by H.M. Metzger.
Ballet National de Marseille, poetry & vocals for the ballet “INV3RSES”, France.
– Painting COMMISSION #3 (for New York, NY).
– Interview & works featured in Magazine BLU – Retrospective (Philadelphia).
2010: Collaborative participation in the BIENNALE de Cachan d’ART Contemporain – Paris, France.
Kaiserin Magazine Photography Competition runner-up & publication.
– Publication of Why the WilloW, the 3rd Book of Poetry by H.M. Metzger.
Her Circle: One World Cafe radio interview & performance.
– Painting COMMISSION #4 (for Paris, France).
– Jean Montag / Metzger collaboration “Twitch” featured on BBC Radio.
2011: Ballet National de Marseille, poetry & vocals for the ballet “INV3RSES”, Italy.
– Exposition Chemins d’Art (Cachan) – Paris, France (paintings, video/sound-art, poetry).
– Co-establishment of Atelier Metzger-Plazannet (Paris, France).
– Paintings published / exhibited in Artists Gone Global, 2nd Ed. (USA)
– Publication of Eternal Story, the 4th Book of Poetry by H.M. Metzger.
– Live performance & interview on Galway Bay FM, Ireland.
– Painting COMMISSION #5 (for Cleveland, OH).
2012: Relocated to Reims, France.
– Paintings / Animation featured in Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine, USA.
– Painting COMMISSION #6 (for Reims, France).
– Video-art, photography & poetry exhibited at “The Living Bridge: Multi-media Exposition” (Dunedin, New Zealand).
2013: Received French Language diploma – Université de Reims ChampagneArdenne (Reims, France).
– Paintings, photography & an interview published in NAU NUA Magazine (Spain).
– Group show (‘H2O-Series’ paintings) at the Mairie de Cachan – Paris, France.
– Group show (‘H2O-Series’ paintings) at Fairmount Center for the Arts, Ohio.
– Painting COMMISSION #7 (for Reims, France).
– Publication of 3VOΓVE, the 5th Book of Poetry by H.M. Metzger.
– Relocated to Paris, France.
– Painting COMMISSION #8 (for Paris, France).
– Architect at Renzo Piano Building Workshop (Paris) – Stavros Niarchos Cultural Centre – Athens, Greece.
– Painting COMMISSION #9 (for San Francisco, CA).
– Relocated to Ohio, Pennsylvania, Fairbanks, then Anchorage, Alaska.
2014: Painting COMMISSION #10 (for London, UK).
2015: Architecture-engineering consultation work in the Arctic Circle – Prudhoe Bay, AK.
– Painting COMMISSION #11 (for Juneau, Alaska).
2016: Relocated to Athens, Greece.
– Painting COMMISSION #12 (Anchorage, Alaska).
2017: Exhibition of paintings at Chemins d’Art, “Blanc Noir” – Paris, France.
– Paintings sold to the Ville de Cachan permanent collection.
2018: Publication of OUT | TUO, the 6th Book of Poetry by H.M. Metzger.
– Group show (paintings, sculpture, poetry) at IGCA – Anchorage, AK.
– Group show (montage, sculpture) at MoCA – Juneau, AK.
– Painting COMMISSION #13 (for London, UK).
– Painting COMMISSION #14 (for Washington D.C., USA).
– Acquisition of 5 “OUT-Series” sculpture works by The State of Alaska.
2019: LUDWIG | METZGER Collaboration – Phase II.
– Metzger / Hendrik Vogel (Karlsruhe) collaboration “My World Exists” featured on ERR Klassika Raadio (Estonia).
– Publication of Agάpe [simply love], the 7th Book of Poetry by H.M. Metzger.
– 14 April; 12 May; 9 June; 14 July: Exhibition of paintings, collective at Allée des Arts (Cité d’artistes) – Paris, France.


Ludwig biography photo by Ludwig.

Metzger biography photo by Stavro Christo.

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All rights reserved.